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Old West Movie Star Cowboy Hats

Timberline uses the best designers and makers of hand made movie star 1870's and 1880's cowboy and western hats for sale. We strive for authenticity in the pieces we reproduce from the 19th and early decades of the 20th century. Our custom hats and cowboy leather is made to order and to last a lifetime.
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At sixteen, Tom Horn headed to the American Southwest, where he was hired by the U.S. Cavalry as a civilian scout under Al Sieber and became involved in the Apache Wars, aiding in the capture of warriors such as Geronimo. On January 11, 1886, he was involved in an expedition into Mexican territory in the pursuit of Geronimo as a packer and interpreter. During the operation, Horn's camp was attacked by Mexican militia and he was wounded in the arm. Horn allegedly killed his first man in a duel — a second lieutenant in the Mexican Army. Horn was present at Geronimo's final surrender, acting as an interpreter under Charles B. Gatewood. Later, hiring out his skills with a gun, he took part in the Pleasant Valley War in Arizona between cattlemen and sheepmen, but it is not known for certain with which side he was allied, and both sides suffered several killings for which no known suspects were ever identified.